Physocarpus opulifolius dart’s gold

Physocarpus opulifolius dart's gold

Family Rosaceae. It sports bushy, rich green leaves with brown stems, and is very hardy. Common name of ninebark is in reference to its ornamental attractive exfoliating bark. The colour is outstanding and lasts most of the season, although . A superb bright medium sized deciduous shrub with lovely golden yellow foliage.

Leaves are ovate to rounded . Named for its broad three-lobed golden spring foliage, which turns lime-green in the . A compact deciduous shrub with bright yellow leaves that turn greener as they age. The clusters of small, cream to pink-tinged flowers appear in early summer . Top quality plants direct from our award winning nursery. Compact rounded shrub with colourful attractive golden foliage. Papery bark strips are . Please take the time now to save any information you may want to keep. Vase shaped shrub with attractive leaves, golden yellow at first then pale green.

White flowers are produced in early summer, followed by . An upright deciduous shrub with lobed yellow leaves. Physocarpus opulifolius. Clusters of white flowers are borne in early summer.

Physocarpus opulifolius dart's gold

Some rights reserved . Small pink-tinged white . It has attractive chartreuse foliage which . A compact, deciduous shrub with yellow foliage appearing with small clusters of white flowers in Summer. Compact, deciduous shrub with golden -yellow foliage, and peeling bark. White or pale-pink flowers in clusters are produced June and July. Bevor der Herbst endet, koloriert sich das Laub braungelb. Mit dem wunderbaren . Its golden foliage highlights the pure white fragrant summer flowers and brilliant red fruit in autumn.

Peeling bark adds interest to this durable hedging plant or . Type: Deciduous shrubs. You could call it lime green, and in fact, many “ golden ” leaved plants . Buy online for fast UK delivery with a 2yr guarantee! A thicket-forming shrub with bright golden foliage and small cup- shaped pink-tinged white flowers. Gold Leaf Ninebark. Flowers June to . Origin: Garden.

Physocarpus opulifolius dart's gold

USDA zones: 3-8. Plant Group: Shrubs. Heat zones: 7- 1. Spring Meadow Nursery. Yellow-leaved shrubleaf colour long firm. The size after years is 2cm. The flower colour is white. This plant is completely hardy. Date taken : 24.

Find the perfect physocarpus opulifolius darts gold stock photo. Striking foliage color on a compact, mounded shrub. Large maple-like leaves emerge bright .