Acer cappadocicum rubrum

Acer cappadocicum rubrum

Product Details. Its young leaves emerge red before. Suggested uses. Architectural, Low . Acer cappadocicum ssp. Koch ex Pax) Murr.

Diese Unterart ist im Transkaukasus verbreitet und in allen Teilen wesentlich . Zuzüglich vieler. A large-sized tree with broa deep purple-red young leaves that turn dark green in summer and a . Leaf blade narrow and at first a . Cappadocian maple is a mid-sized tree or a large shrub, growing fast when young into a compact tree with rounde mushroom-head crown with . Buy from specialist nursery with years experience, review score . If several options are . Buy trees online for fast UK delivery, 2yr guarantee! Large, green leaves through summer with bright-yellow autumn leaves. Compact rounded crown.

Tolerates dry conditions. This is a variety of Cappadocian Maple with a neat, round canopy of slim branches. Small tree or big shrub with dark red shoots and leaves in spring.

Acer cappadocicum rubrum

Young twigs and . Kolchischer Ahorn. Lesen Sie die detaillierte Beschreibung. Pflegehinweise : Gelegentlicher Rückschnitt am . Stiff, compact, columnar.

Exceptional, dark red- brown, star-shaped flowers with . Full Description. A medium, rounded deciduous tree with red-shooted dark-red young leaves. The bark is red on the . By: easygardener. Artikelnummer: accru. Benachrichtigen Sie mich, wenn . Pflanze in keiner anderen Größe vorhanden?

Er ist ein schnellwüchsiger bis m . ACER CAPPADOCICUM RUBRUM – Sommergrüner breiter Baum mit fünf- bis siebenlappigen eiförmigen Blättern, rot im Frühjahr, grün im Sommer und . Important Information. Preston Bissett, Buckingham. Kaukasus, Kleinasien und Himalaja. SpecificationsDescription.

Medium-sized deciduous tree praised for its Spring foliage. Red Cappadocian Maple, Cappadoci Maple.